Adult Ministries of NHBC

  • Deacons Ministry

    The Deacons are committed to helping worship services and special events at church operate effectively. By leading weekly prayer and praise services, preparing and serving Communion, and assisting with baptism, the Deacons provide key support to the church and to the Senior Pastor. Additionally, the Deacons team with other ministries, such as Congregational Care, to reach out to members in need.

  • Trustee Ministry

  • Mighty Men of New Hope Ministry

    The NHBC Male ministry strives to stimulate the minds and spirits of men and to nurture them as they strengthen their commitment to Christ, family, church and society. The men of the NHBC Male ministry strive to build a strong bond among Christian men, ultimately providing continuous support and encouragement for one another.

  • Women of Virtue Ministry

    The Women's ministry is dedicated to enhancing the spiritual growth of women throughout all life stages. The ministry seeks to nurture, assist, and support women through prayer, fellowship, and the teaching of God's Word.

  • Senior Mothers Ministry

    The Mothers of NHBC serve as matriarchs who share the wisdom of seasoned saints with the younger women of the church. They are dedicated to serving the church and connecting with other seniors - continually offering support and encouragement through the Gospel.

  • Ushers Ministry

    The Ushers are responsible for making sure that all who attend services and events at NHBC are greeted with a warm and friendly spirit and are seated in a prompt and orderly manner. Additionally, Ushers provide other needed assistance to the congregation during services. It is the goal of the Ushers ministry to help ensure that members and visitors have a meaningful worship experience while attending services.

  • Greeters / Hospitality Ministry

    The Hospitality ministry serves to welcome guests into the fellowship of the church. The ministry is responsible for meeting and greeting visitors in a warm and courteous manner as well as providing materials that offer important information about NHBC.

  • Health Services Ministry

    The Health Services ministry is devoted to providing necessary first aid and care assistance to the congregation and community at large.The ministry also serves to passionately spread crucial knowledge about health issues and to educate Christians about the close connection between their spiritual and physical well-being.

  • Couples Ministry

  • Graceful Praise Dance Ministry