The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church originated from one person being divinely called into the ministry and a few faithful followers. Bro. John Henry Flinn (who was later called as pastor), the late Sis. Mary R. Flinn, his wife, Sis. Willie Pearl Lee, Bro. Alex McCail, Sr., Pauline McCail, Bro. Bryant Down, Bro. Robert Flinn and Sis. Ida Flinn. God truly blessed this group's meetings and the work they were doing. The group grew and they decided to rent their first building in March, 1953 on Grant Street for about $20.00 per month.

A special Council meeting was called in March, 1953 at which time Rev. Flinn presided and members of the mission obtained letters from various churches who advised them to call a pastor as soon as possible. At that time the necessary procedures were followed to organize themselves into a Missionary Baptist Church. The advice to call a pastor was accepted, and at that same meeting, Rev. John H. Flinn was called as pastor. The Church moved from Grant Street to a location on Ira Avenue.

After staying there for a while, the church moved to Second Street in Kenmore. After leaving Kenmore, they journeyed to 1321 Laffer Avenue in 1974. This was the first building they purchased. The Laffer properties were acquired including four plots of land and two houses. All were debt free. Later a new church edifices was erected at 1334 Diagonal Rd. Under the leadership of Rev. Flinn several deacons were ordained. They included Dea. Alex McCail, Dea. Robert Flinn, Dea. Tisdale Colley, Dea. John Miles, Dea. Tommy Anderson, Dea. Arthur Thomas, Sr., who in 1955 served as the Deacon Chairman, Dea. John Dunkley, Dea. Jerry Colley, Sr., Dea. Thomas Madison Dea. Joe Madison, Dec. George McNab, Dec Charles Howell, Dea. Eddie Jefferson, Dec Horace Drake, Dec, Lawrence Drake, Sr. and Dec Peoples. Rev. Oliver Pittman served as an associate minister.

Serving as Associate ministers were Rev. George McNab, Rev. Oliver Pittman, Rev. Horace Drake and Rev. Alfonzo Bush. Serving as trustees under Rev. Flinn were Dec. John Dunkley, Bro. Norman Trust, Bro. Joe Berkley, Bro. Jessie Brooks, Bro. Reginald Lomax, Bro. Frank McCraney, Bro. Warren Patterson, Bro. Walter Head, Bro. Cassie Pryor, and Bro Lee Bethune. In 1977, the Holy Spirit spoke and Rev. Flinn accepted the call to serve at a church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rev. Horace Drake served as overseer of the church.

In 1978, Rev. T. Dewitt Smith accepted the call to serve as pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church. Under his leadership our services were broadcast over three radio stations and a tape ministry allowed the sick and shut-in to become a part of all worship services. The New Hope Christian School serving grades Pre-K through Grade 6 was opened in 1981. In 1979, the Mother's Board was organized by Sis. Mary Wright.

Serving as trustees under Pastor Smith were Bro. George Freeman, Chairman, Bro. Clarence Beecher, Bro. Harvey Cameron, Bro. T. Z. Flinn, Sis. Dana LaGarde, and Sis. Patricia Boykin. Deacons ordained during this time were Dea. Harvey Cameron, Dea. John Ellis, Dea. T. Z. Flinn, Jr., Dea. George Freeman, Dea. Leon Martin, Dea. Theodore D. Smith, Sr., Dea. Daryl Stephens and Dea. James Weary.

Ministers under Dr. Smith were Min. Robert Blythe, Min. Walter Clay, Min. Leland Jones, Min. Steven Blackman, Min, Paul Smith, Min. Robert Hooks Rev. Gerald Jackson, Rev. Terrance Bivins, Rev. Michael Frazier, Rev. Rodney McNab Rev. Vincent Taylor and Rev. Jerry Dunkley, Rev. George McNab, Rev. Gerald Jackson, Rev. Elijah Dees and the late Rev. Marshall Rucker.

In March of 1992, the Holy Spirit spoke and responding to the Lord, Pastor Smith accepted the call to serve as pastor of the West Hunter Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. Rev. Gerald Jackson became the Pulpit Overseer of the New Hope Baptist Church.

In November of 1992, Rev. Benny Williams accepted the call as pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church. On March 28, 1993, a Mortgage Burning Service was held for our building at 1334 Diagonal Road. In August of 1994, one of three parcels of land, located at 1706 South Hawkins Ave, was purchased for the purpose of eventually constructing a new building. Trustees appointed by Rev. Williams were Bro. Robert Brooks, L.P. Rogers, Sis. Sallie Griffith, Sis. Shirley Washington, Sis. Edna Rose Lewis and Bro. Albert Shelton.

Deacons ordained were Dea. Robert Brooks, Dea. Donald Carter, Dea. Edward Chapman, Dea. Mack Davis, Dea. Buddy Esters, Dea. Clarence Jackson, Dea. Donnie Shropshire and Dea. Arthur Thomas, Jr. and in 1995 Dec. Harvey Cameron was appointed Deacon Chairman.

Ministerial Licentiates were Min. Kerry Hall, Min. Eddie Dancy, Min. Buddy Esters, Min. Jesse Peterson, Min. Arthur Thomas, Jr., Min. Thomas Sistrunk, Min. Betty Hall, Min. Lawrence Sewell and Min. Dwania Rivers.

In 1999, Rev. Williams left to pursue other avenues, and Rev. George McNab became our Pulpit Overseer. Rev. McNab along with our Deacon Ministry and staff of Associate Ministers provided outstanding leadership and encouraged our church family to stay unified, remain faithful and keep our focus on the Lord, who has proven himself so many times. During this time two Trustees were added. They were Bro. Donald Green and Bro. Frank McCray. In 2001 Dec. Leon Martin was appointed as Deacon chairman.

In November of 2001, Rev. Marty L. Henderson accepted the call as the pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church. Special workshops and seminars were held through-out the year in the areas of leadership, spiritual gifts and family life institutes. On December 19, 2002, the "Hope Soup Kitchen" was organized by Rev. Buddy Esters. This is a great ministry and evangelism tool which has helped to maintain further connections within the community.

In 2005, Rev. Henderson left New Hope and Rev. George McNab once again stepped in as Pulpit Overseer. On March 12, 2006, the New Hope Baptist Church family ordained three deacons under the leadership of Rev. McNab, and Dea. Leon Martin. They were Dea. Gerald Davis, Dea. Demetrius Hardaway and Dea. David Milbry.

Our sincere prayer was that the Lord would send a Shepherd of His choosing to lead our Church family to higher heights in the coming years and our prayers were answered in May 2007, when Rev. David M. Nelson accepted the call as the fifth pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church. During his tenure, an average of 75 people has joined the fellowship each year, of whom 50% are new believers. The Lord gave Pastor Nelson an insightful vision and mission for the New Hope Baptist Church. Hence, New Hope Baptist Church is committed to a Christ-centered vision with a strong commitment to Worship, Fellowship, Edification, Discipleship, and Evangelism. Thus, our mission is to make Jesus Christ know to the world while equipping the congregation and community to serve this present age through worship, fellowship, prayer, stewardship, ministry, discipleship, and evangelism until Jesus Christ returns.

Ministers License, Min. K. Bryant Hill, Associate Ministers include, Rev. George McNab, Rev. Arthur Thomas, Jr., Rev. Buddy Esters, Min. Ruby Akhigbe, Min. Yolanda Davis, Min. Carvel Austin, Min. Amir Askew, and Min. Jesse Peterson. Trustees added, Sis Marquita Mitchell, Sis. Larissa Brown, Sis. Yolanda Carter, Bro. Milton John Powe, and Bro. Johnson. There are four new deacons to be added of which three will be ordained, Sis. Flora Novell Dees, Bro. Nathaniel Rodgers, Bro. Corey Roberts, & Bro. Sam DeShazior.

In addition, Pastor Nelson has strengthened established ministries and created new ministries which include Youth Ministry, Teen Church & Children's Church, Couples Ministry, Singles Ministry, Praise Dance Ministry for Adults and Youth, New Members Ministry, Bereavement Ministry, Wedding Ministry, & Soup Kitchen Ministry. As of 2012, Pastor Nelson and the congregation have launched a Mortgage Payoff Liquidation Plan for the next five years ending in 2017. Overall, under Pastor Nelson souls have been saved, people have been changed and transformed, church has grown, and the community has been impacted for their good and for the glory of God.

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