Women’s Ministry (Women of Virtue)

The Women's ministry is dedicated to enhancing the spiritual growth of women throughout all life stages. The ministry seeks to nurture, assist, and support women through prayer, fellowship, and the teaching of God's Word.

Men's Ministry (Mighty Men of New Hope)

The NHBC Male ministry strives to stimulate the minds and spirits of men and to nurture them as they strengthen their commitment to Christ, family, church and society. The men of the NHBC Male ministry strive to build a strong bond among Christian men, ultimately providing continuous support and encouragement for one another.

Deacons Ministry

Deacons assist the pastor in extending pastoral care to the congregation, as well as provide servant/leadership in the church. Deacons also lead the church in the support and care of the pastor. Upon biblical eligibility and evaluation, the selection of deacons is subject to the final approval of the pastor.

Usher Ministry (TRUTH)

Doorkeepers direct people upon entering the House of the Lord; ushers provide courtesy, hospitality, seating, childcare, and order during worship to members and visitors alike.

Kingdom Kids Ministry

Ministry that provides encouragement and empowers our kids between ages 4 to 12 years old, while teaching them the love of Christ, affirming them and preparing them to be future leaders.

Teenage Ministry (TRUTH)

Ministry designed to be a safe place for our teens (13-18) to share, learn, and grow to become who God ordained and created them to be, while discovering their purpose and affirming their identity in the Kingdom of God.

Young Adult Ministry

Ministry that focuses on young adults (ages 19-30), to have a space to share, demonstrate their gifts, grow, and learn to be able to receive the love of Christ and share the love of Christ with others, while being affirmed and reaching their potential and purpose in the Kingdom of God.

Seasoned Singles Ministry

Ministry that caters to adults ages 55 and up who are single.

Mother’s Ministry

The Mothers of NHBC serve as matriarchs who share the wisdom of seasoned saints with the younger women of the church. They are dedicated to serving the church and connecting with other seniors - continually offering support and encouragement through the Gospel.

Greeters Ministry

The Hospitality ministry serves to welcome guests into the fellowship of the church. The ministry is responsible for meeting and greeting visitors in a warm and courteous manner as well as providing materials that offer important information about NHBC.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Ministry provides prayer and assurance that God cares about their every need. We encourage the congregation and community to trust God, to become saved, to rededicate their life to the Lord, and to encourage them during their times of crisis and offer comfort through prayer. We invite them to attend NHBC and/or encourage them to find a place of worship to grow and fellowship with other believers.

OutReach Ministry

A ministry designated to serve and connect with the community by being committed to helping and assisting with meeting the needs of the community.

Cancer Support Ministry

Provides a setting where patients can talk about living with cancer with other people who may be living similar experiences.

Mime Ministry

Glorifies God through a new experience of dance and mime.

Audio & Media Ministry

Responsible for the audio/visual presentation of the worship experiences. The Media ministry helps to spread the New Hope Baptist Church (NHBC) experience through the aid of technology.

At New Hope Baptist Church, we offer various ministries to help you and
your family grow closer to God, and encourage you to reach out and touch
others with God's love too.

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